Gorgeous fashion brand for woman

Different textile fibers, different prints and fine fabrics: every fabric used is literally touched by hand and chosen according to the emotions it can convey.

Vivarah Phylosophy

Quality of materials, original prints and high tailoring: each garment is born from the creative flair and is taken care of in every aspect, from the cut of the fabric to the seams, for a quality at a glance.

“What is destined for you will find a way to reach you”.
Even when life distracts you, then you find yourself exactly where your dreams are one step away from realizing, although they seemed to be far away, unreachable.

In an age full of realism, science and very fast times, I like to think that there is always a flowery garden, where time stands still and a bit of magic accompanies every emotion. To live these emotions, VIVARAH, a woman like a goddess.

This is the vision that allows the choice of bright fabrics, sartorial details, sometimes unusual shades inspired by the coasts of the mother island: Vivara. Like the latter, VIVARAH acts as a communication bridge with women, overworked and worn out by routine, inviting them into its magical world to make them reflect on their abilities and awareness of their value.

Here is that the precious details and refined finishes adorn the internal cracks, enhancing them to remember how each of us is fantastic in its uniqueness.

Eliana Di Martino CEO and Stylist Designer

Fashion Film SS2019

Quality and tradition that meet technology: Vivarah's Made in Italy is a marriage between the sartorial art of the past and the most modern technological processes.

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